Spring 2016 – The spring Equinox comes one day earlier than usual

It still may be cold these days, but regardless of the weather conditions, one thing is certain: Spring has arrived. Usually, the spring equinox is the 21st of March.

That’s when the sun will be shining directly on the Earth’s equator, bringing the same exact amount of daylight and darkness all around the world on that day, which is known as the spring equinox.

And with spring come the first flowers.


Golden Sunset on the Seine river, silhouette of Paris

Paris, France.

The highlights of Paris are mostly set along the beautiful banks of the Seine River, where you can see almost all year round the sunset or, if you are an early bird, the sunrise.

One of the most romantic activity is to watch a sunset in Paris. Nothing beats the view of the last sun rays touching upon the rooftops of Paris, reflecting on the Seine river.

I tried to made a beautiful golden sunset on the Seine river.


Photographer in Paris